Sunday, April 15, 2007

True and False Obedience

Dear Brethren.


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Good evening my friends,

This is the Unamalgamated Inquisitor.
It is amazing how life twists. How decisions changes things and how it all turns out well through the grace of God. A valued friend of the Inquisitor wanted to be a seminarian, but he was not able to make it, however through God's grace he met this special girl half way across the globe.
It all turns out to be right.
Whatever that seems to be wrong, many times turn out to be better in the end. Whatever calumities that you are experiencing now, it might turn out better in the future. In such, the Inquisitor knows that the church will return to its roots and dispel the errors within. Its a matter of time and we have the Holy Ghost's guidance.

Today's topic of discussion is about Obedience.

Many times I've tried to invite friends from the Novus Ordo Catholic church to look at SSPX, but many times they cringed and never did appear. They gave alot of reasons for not turning up, but the truth is that they fear that coming to SSPX is being disobedient to the local parish, they fear that participating in the traditional mass of the SSPX will result in partaking in the rites of schism.

Is the SSPX truly disobedient when they refused to accept the new rites?

According to Aristotle, for every virtue, there are excess and defect.
For the virtue of Courage, if you have too little of it you are a coward.
If you have too much of it, you become rash. True courage is when you have neither too much nor too little. True courage is the 'right amount'. A little like how much salt you put in your food before it can taste well.

Likewise, the great theologian St Thomas Aquinas advocated that there are two errors in obedience. One can be disobedient(defect), or can also have false obedience(excess).

For one to be disobedient to the Church, he or she will show no regards and no respect to the Pope, believing that no man has authority and believe that excommunications are meaningless (since they do not adhere to the laws of the church).
The protestants are perfect examples of disobedience. When Luther broke off from the authority of the church, he expresses a great deal of disobedience. (Disobedience is of course never a trait for saintliness)

And here we have the lack of obedience. Can we have too much obedience? It is possible that we have too much obedience when we believe that the pope is infallible in everything; we believe that the priests are always right no matter what they do; we protect everything the church says or do irregardless of its adherance to the Lord's sacred tradition that should not be changed.
If you have believed simply because 'father says so' then you have an excess of obedience.

So what is true obedience, true obedience is obedience only to God, human leaders need not be always obeyed if their teachings violate the teachings of God.
Bishops and priests ought to be obeyed as they are the successors of the apostles, but if their teachings (as fallible human beings) deviate from the teachings passed down by tradition,then there is no reason why we should follow. The truly disobedient people are those who teaches wrong doctrines built on error that is not passed down from God and the apostles.

Vatican II happened in just less then 50 years ago, but the teachings deviate from that which were consistent 2000 years ago. How then can we in our right mind, 'obediently' follow the bishops and priests who teaches things that were condemned in the past? We in SSPX, refuse to follow error, we sought to protect tradition. The tradition passed down by God that will never be changed unless our Lord explicitly says so.

So if you still think SSPX is disobedient, think again when you look at the clown mass, the growing irrevelence to God within the church, the lack of priestly vocations, the introduction of protestant/masonic ideals in church, and badly trained priests.

God will judge me for whatever I do. When I die and God asks me what have I done for the faith. I wish like Archbishop Lefebvre, the least I can say is "Lord, I have not contributed to its destruction".

God bless Archbishop Lefebvre. God bless SSPX.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

What? Me Schismatic?

My dear brothers and sisters.

As the world wallow in sin and false ecumenism. As the church forsake unchanging truths for new things to suit the world. We have blurred the distinction between humanitarian charity to the higher charity that comes from God.

In my previous post i have explained briefly the crisis of the church. Many friends told me the examples i quoted are just some of the special bad examples within the church. However these shallow minded friends failed to see the bigger picture. The practises that i said are approved by the church. It seemed the church is approving everything now except returning to tradition.

The unamalgamated inquistor shall now quote a story from his favourite and most respected priest Fr Couture
" Imagine this: Its like a country which is hit by a nationwide calamitous event, there is fire and chaos everywhere,even the fire brigade is gone. In such a situation, it falls on the shoulders of everyone who have the skills to put out the fire to do whatever they can. If they can carry a pail, they should carry the pail, if they can drive they should drive the trucks to carry the water.
As they are fighting the fire, the government came with cops and arrested the men. Because the men are not authorized by law to drive fire trucks. The driver do not possess the license to drive a fire truck. Meanwhile the fire burns more. "

The story represents the state of affairs in the church. There is a fire (modernism which directly challenges the truth of Christ) and the people who fought the fire was declared wrong and even arrested. We must always know that what the Lord revealed to us is higher then any human fabrication. God's law is above the law of men. Keeping with tradition is following the will of God.
Vatican II was not an infallible council. The Society of St Piux X was insisting on traditions that adhere to all the councils and all the beliefs prior to Vatican II. The beliefs that were unchanging until Vatican II.

If what Vatican II said was right, then all that happened before was wrong. If all that we believed before Vatican II was right, then Vatican II is wrong. There are no new truths as Christ has revealed all. The actions of SSPX are therefore justified by following God rather then men.
Many christians has confused themselves with humanitarians. A Christian does charity for God. A humanitarian does charity for man. Men exist for God, not the other way round.

Rome itself has been undecisive on the status of SSPX. We profess to be part of the Catholic Church. But the lay people of the Novus Ordo think otherwise. Despite the lack of evidence to show that SSPX is schismatic, despite the lack of knowledge of the SSPX.

"Of course the Mass and the Sacraments administered by the priests of the Society are valid"
(Cardinal Edward Cassdiy, May 3, 1994)

Therefore. me schismatic? NO!

Yours very unamalgamatedly,

The Unamalgamated Inquisitor.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What? Me Worry?

To be a traditional SSPX catholic is like a man sitting in the eye of a hurricane, watching and waiting for the storm to subside, worrying that the storm might take him.

Good evening, I am the Unamalgamated Inquisitor, still as unamalgamated as ever. Still as defiant to error as ever.

Im sure if your in my webpage you probably are Christian, Catholic, Evil or all three.
You might recall before our Lord was led to His passion he was put infront of Pontius Pilate.
Pilate said to the Jews "Behold, your king" and the Jews cried out "Take him away, take him away, crucify him!" Pilate asked again "Shall I crucify your King?", the Chief priests answered "We have no king but Caesar".

The question now is that do we follow the Lord Jesus Christ our King, or do we follow mere men.

Catholics take pride in the apostolic claim that the Universal Catholic Church is built by our Lord himself and passed down in an unbroken tradition. This makes us different from the other protestant churches which lack tradition and based themselves on the teaching of men.
In a church where tradition is important, such that it defines the exact teachings that were passed down from the apostles, it is even more essential that we should keep to tradition.

Today the Inquisitor shall talk about 'The Crisis of the Catholic Church'.
A non-traditional novus ordo Catholic will be completely oblivious of the crisis. What crisis? What problem? How interesting is this when you see charismatic catholics singing praise and worship songs while speaking in tongues during Mass. Catholics who put a statue of Buddha on top of the Tabernacle while worshipping with Buddhists. Are we now putting the Buddhist religion on par with Catholicism? The new mass, as opposed to the Traditional Mass, was contrived under the approval of six protestant ministers. Do Catholics now need the approval of protestants to uphold our traditions? In Singapore, Catholic priests are LEARNING how to preach watching TV evangelists. Heretical TV evangelists. Do we now still hold the Truth that is passed down to us by our Lord through the apostles, or are we now simply a speck in the religious anarchy that has befell the world today. And there we have the Crisis. The root of the Crisis is the change of the mass. The new mass is a human fabrication that is neither traditional or anything evolved from the traditional mass. A ship will always be the same ship, even if we take away the sails and add an engine. However, a ship will cease to be the same ship when we break it down and rebuild it with completely new materials. Such is the case of the new mass.
The fruits of this new boat? A tendency to confuse and mislead catholics into more "ecumenical" attitudes. The logical extension will be the freedom from all faith and becoming Theosophical (tm). As a novus ordo catholic i was confused with my church on why do we maintain our identity as catholics while at the same time adopting protestant practices. My desire not to amalgamate with protestants has earned me the contempt of many in my church circle. Many believe that I am not spiritually matured enough to handle ecumenism.
The freemasons apparently were rather 'spiritually matured', they worship God as the Great Architect of the Universe. and apparently all religions are good if they include God in it. Never mind the truths that our Lord has revealed and established, so long as you include 'some kind of belief in God', then your fine where you are. Thats in line with the spiritual maturity that i was told to believe in. In that case why dont we all become freemasons then?
However if being 'spiritually matured' means to believe that a Universal God created all religions. Then ill rather be spiritually immature. Thank you very much.

The confusion caused is the fruit of Vatican II, Catholics are not sure what they are anymore. Catholics are not sure that they possess the only truth. Catholics are no longer interested in tradition that comes from God, but instead embrace the ways of men. Catholics are discouraged from worshipping in the same way that they do and what their forefathers did. All this so that 'the church can survive in the new world' all this so that 'we can embrace our separated brethren and also the pagans" Our Lord was crucified for truth. Yet we, are afraid that maintaining His truths will draw us away from the 'popular crowd'. Our Lord ate with the sinners, but did not sin Himself. Likewise we tolerate diverse religions, but do not practice and believe as they do.

This is, the crisis of the church.

In the next article the Inquisitor shall discuss the response and what we can do in the crisis.
Until then good night and have a happy chinese new year!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Faith Hope and faithless optimism

Hiya This is the Unamalgamated Inquisitor, Good evening.
Many have wondered why the Inquisitor stopped posting. This is due to a misconception on the writer’s part that “Since no one reads, why bother posting?”
But lately the Inquisitor has received a few requests for new posts!
So..without further ado, and back by popular demand…I present to you ladies and gentlemen, the new article !! (Which like the rest of my blog, isn’t much anyway)

Today’s Issue of Inquiry:
Faith, Hope or Mindless Optimism?

Saint Paul said “Faith Hope and Charity, but the greatest of these is Charity”

A Heretic of the protestant Christian variety will say “Faith Hope and Charity, but the greatest of these is Success.” Doesn’t make sense? Well, welcome to the protestant world.
Success has been the driving force for non-denominational denominations. Faith seemed to be secondary. Love of God seemed to be only there for the success of the individuals.

Well I’m not saying that they possess little of the Theological virtue of Faith but I’m saying they possess none of it at all. Yes, I’m saying Protestants have no faith. “How Judgmental”, the average Prot will say. “Matthew 7:1”, they will scream. I’ll reply, “Matthew 7:15”.

We do not judge, we know that there are false prophets. We know what is right and what is wrong. Error will always be error. Truth cannot be compromised. I will not say ‘Oh everything you do is right” to earn your praises and avoid accusations of being judgmental. How do we know that we are right? Why it that the protestant practices and beliefs is wrong while the traditional catholic ways right? For one thing. Faith is “the virtue by which we firmly believe all the truths God has revealed, on the word of God revealing them, who can neither deceive nor be deceive.”(Baltimore Catechism)

We have faith that the teachings of the church comes from the apostles. Can the protestants have faith that their divine revelations are true in the same manner?
Nothing is easier to answer then this. How can many different versions of truth be the same truth? How can 1 + 2 = 4? How can we believe in the collective words of men when everything they say contradicts? Is this lack of logic a MYSTERY? Or is God so great that He can bypass all laws of logic so that He contradicts and yet be logical?
Contradiction is wrong. It is not a mystery since our Lord has already revealed to us and the knowledge is already present in the traditions that He passed down. Our Lord doesn’t contradict. He is a lawful God.

What we have is simply what is passed down, nothing is added or taken away. Even the great theologian St Thomas Aquinas merely did a ‘Summary’ of Theology. Theology as it was passed down from the apostles. We do not learn new knowledge; we merely improved on what we already know. Which are more then enough on this lifetime.

To have faith, we need to accept faith in its wholeness, not ‘mix and match’. You follow all the Ten Commandments, you don’t choose whichever one you like and discard the ones that do not suit you. The same goes with the faith. We accept everything that is from the apostles as sacred tradition that is part of the faith in its wholeness since the teachings from the apostles are passed down by our Lord himself. To choose otherwise is to have no faith at all!
Therefore, Protestants have no faith!! No judging here, just plain logic.

Hope is ‘the virtue by which we firmly trust that God, who is all-powerful and faithful to His promises, will in His mercy give us eternal happiness and the means to obtain it’ (Baltimore Catechism)

Well, here we are. The Protestants have confused their ‘faith’ with hope. There isn’t a unified or orthodox belief in which they adhere to. Anything that they like comes their way they will pick and choose whichever suitable. That is not faith. At least not to a proper description of faith that is passed down by the church father.They say ‘Christianity is not a religion’, they are right after all! How can one without faith have a religion!

So the next time some prottie kid comes over and says ‘Christianity is not a religion’, smile and say ‘You got that right! Would you like to know about the faith?”

To end, we must always remember that the greatest of the virtues is Charity, and bearing that in mind we must always remember to hate the heresy, but do not hate the heretic, for in loving the heretic, we are doing it for the love of God.

That is all my friends!

The next article will be about ‘the crisis in church’. Thank you and have a good night!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Revelation or Mindless optimism?

It has come to the AATS's attention that lately that a certain heretical practice has became increasingly popular. This practice known as 'divine revelation', has been spreading through the charismatic non-denominational 'my-religion-is-not-a-religion' denominations.
These people believe that God will speak through their mouth and give them divine revelations this way. For lack of a better word i shall refer to the one receiving the 'divine revelations' a medium. The revelation usually goes this way.

1. The medium will start to pray fervantly for God to appear.
2. God starts to speak through the medium's mouth and the medium claims she/he is not speaking the words. The Lord is.
3. Everything 'God' said is considered gospel truth.

For those of you who have ever picked up a good book will probably recall the Taiping revolutions during Qing Dynasty in China.
Please take a second to read it.

It is happening here now in our country!!!!! Men has not learnt anything! Here we have people who claims that they ARE God. "How do you know if it is not God speaking through the mouths of these blessed people' you might ask me. Ill tell you why I do not believe in a SINGLE word of it.
First, Its a load of crap, its blasphemous. It takes alot of pride to believe that you are on the same position as God and you can command the Lord to talk through your mouth at will.
Second, I thought them heretics adopt the sola scriptura, the view that anything outside the bible is not to be believed? Are these heretics contradicting themselves again? Or can you claim that this is biblical? Please quote a passage from the bible that goes somewhere along the line of
"and Lo, a common gentile opens his mouth and speaks the words of the Lord while the congregation shouts amen and danced in the beat of techno music"
But given that they can have religions that are not religions and denominations that are not denominations. I will give that they are incapable of logic or reason.
Thirdly, Ive witnessed many of these 'revelations' and noticed many grammatical mistakes and pronouciation errors from these revelations. So God is perfect in all ways, but not in languages?
Fourthly, i cannot believe that ALL these revelations are unanimous and agree with each other.
So is God contradicting Himself or are the Heretics contradicting themselves?
Lastly, it seems that these revelations usually speak of things that people like to hear. Our Lord condemns error and does not say yes to everything.

I believe anyone with half a brain can see clearly that these 'divine revelations' are either a scam or words coming from mindlessly optimistic mediums. I do not deny the fact that our Lord can give revelations in that manner if He so wish but how can we know if a certain revelation is true?
So must we believe in all 'revelations'? Today i can go to a heretical temple and claim that i have the revelation. And if i say all the things that they want to believe, then my words will be words from the Lord. But infact I made up the words, how then can any christian, heretic or pagan point a finger at me and say 'you are fake'. They cannot because there is no way to prove. They cannot because they want to believe what i said was infact the words of God. (provided i say some things that they really want - like you will get a big house wealth etc) And me on my part will want to believe that i am so blessed that God speaks through my mouth. It then degenerated further into a self-deception. What good can come out of this deceptions? Nothing.
You might benefit from the effects of certain self-fulfilled prophecies, but thats the best you can get. If you are to believe in a PERSON that his words are God's. It takes admirable faith, but it also makes you dumber then dumb. Its one thing to have faith in the Lord, another to have faith in Men.

That is all. If you believe in illogical things that arent even biblical, grow some brains.

Yours Unamalagamatedly,

The Unamalagamated Inquisitor

Monday, November 20, 2006

Alliance against Theosophical Liberal Catholics

Good day My beloved Brethen and assorted bunch of heretics and schismatics who frequent my blog.

Someone mentioned to me one day "your blog's entries have nothing to do with Theosophical Societies!' Who exactly are we against?

The first Theosophical society was formed in 1875, by this lovely lady Helena Petrovna Hahn,
or "Madame Blavatsky". Mdm Blavatsky claimed that all religions contained some truth and is only misinterpreted by inperfect men who can only see a little of the truth. In short none of the religions owned the whole truth but are partly true. Therefore all of them are false yet contains some aspect of truth. Through the application of New Science can we discover truth.

This is a very sweet thing and everyone loves the 'ooh lets forget our differences and put flowers on our heads' feeling. I might like to eat poisoned apples, but that doenst mean poisoned apples are good. Theosophy is the poisoned apple.
Why is it so? Liberalism has been around since the beginning of time. The slimy little snake saying to Eve "You certainly will not die! No, God knows well that the moment you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods who know what is good and what is bad."
Since the beginning, liberalism has been around. Liberate ourselves from the confinement of God's rules and teachings. Liberate ourselves to things that we want, rather then things that is the will of God.

In such we start to believe in everything we want to believe. We start to believe that God gave truth to all religions and all religions lead to Him. We start to believe in ourselves rather then God. Truth is only one. There can only be one truth and the rest are false. Or all of them are false. It will be a logical contradiction to believe that all religions are true since all teachings contradict each other.

Although this blog's title is an Alliance against Theosophical Societies, its true enemy are the Liberal Catholics. Whom in their belief has turned them theosophical. Why is it so? Modernist Catholics believe that all religions lead to truth. They believe that though Truth is unchanging, there are other ways to truth other then the catholic way. Therefore, you will reach God if you are a protestant heretic, you will go to heaven even if you do not believe in Christ and reject Him. So long as you keep your faith in whatever religion you are in, you are fine.
I believe the logical extension of this belief will be to become Theosophical. The "Theosophical Societies" that this Alliance is against is the Liberal Catholics. The ones who have no respect for tradition that our Lord has laid down, and so engaged in the modern world that anything goes. The desire for ecumenism has led the Liberal catholics to put their faith (which is handed down by God) on par with other faith. They believe that 'your faith is as good as mine so long as you believe in God".

Nothing is further from the truth. If all faith leads to God, then why bother be catholic? I might as well become buddhist or muslim. It wouldnt make a difference. Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself has laid the foundations of His Church when he said to Peter "And I say to thee, That thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell will not prevail against it."(matthew 16:18) The Catholic church, led first by Peter, is the Church our Lord founded. The others, are creations of men. Martin Luther, John Wesley, King Henry VIII and many others. They are men. They believed that they can know the truth. But since Vatican II, modernist and liberal catholics are beginning to forsake the ways of the church that God build to follow the ways of churches created by men. The new mass, is created by six protestant ministers so it can be more acceptable to the world outside the church.
The Church is changing itself to 'fit the time'. Ok, this all sounds sweet and gooey. Does that mean that soon we will having buddhist idols in our churches and have a rock concert inside our church where the Tabernacle is? The sad thing is, these atrocities have already been done.
Authorized by liberal bishops and priests.Even bishops and priests, who is supposed to uphold traditions and know what they are doing, agrees to such atrocities. What chances will the common laity hold? "the priest says this is OK, who are you to decide that it is wrong? You are spiritually immature!" And the next thing you see the priest dancing around on stage like a
monkey holding the Monstrance. (you can find the video clip from youtube about this real incident by a liberal bishop) An utter sacrilege.

"Indeed deliberate and notable irreverence towards the Holy Eucharist is reputed the worst of all sacrileges"-

And it is.

This is the fruit of Vatican II, this is the result of compromising with the world. We surrender the ways God passed down as sacred tradition for popular worldy beliefs. We surrendered the sacred mass for singalong sessions created by schismatical heretics(the protestants and no I refuse to call them 'our separated brethen').

You have a choice, 'eat the sweet apple called liberalism and join the crowd. Or follow our King our Lord in His teachings passed down.' (and no im not talking about the 'manifestations' that is going on in some non-denominational denominations, dont play God like that. Its sacrilegious)

Yours Unamalagamatedly,

The Unamalagamated Inquisitor

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ecumenism or Assimilation?

Hello, this is the Unamalgamated Inquisitor
How pleased I am to see you all here. The birds are singing on the trees, the Sun's golden rays reflecting off the morning dew. It is surprising what innocent and agreeable pleasures we lose every morning.

Todays topic of inquiry is this: Whats the difference between Ecumenism and assimilation?

Are these two terms interchangable? Do we necessary need assimilation before ecumenism? The inquisitor says assimilation is necessary for ecumenism. However, the question (and what a big problem this is) comes with 'who will be assimilated'?

Being a hater of coffee naturally i will often use coffee related examples in my articles. Instant Coffee Powder + water = instant coffee.
Both give away a little of their properties and we have an end result containing both the properties of coffee powder and water but are neither coffee powder nor water.
This seems to be the reigning version of Catholic ecumenism these days. Catholic + protestant = Catholic Ecumenism. We compromise, we adopt practices of the protestants, actually more like them charismatic my-religion-is-not-a-religion religions, whose services consist of a charismatic cult leader talking about success in life that results in better profit and Church sing-along sessions. Suddenly every religion leads to truth. So since they all lead to truth, shall we just drop our faith and become theosophical? Shall we just promote Buddhism instead of Christianity? Shall we put a statue of Guanyin in the grotto of our Blessed Mother?
Shall we give in and say that Muhammad indeed is the prophet of God and the Jews are right about the Messiah?
They all lead to truth anyways. "NO!" the inquisitor says. Because compromising is not an option. Compromising is putting coffee powder into water and coffee powder will no longer be coffee powder. Catholicism will no longer be catholicism when mixed with protestant practices.

It is just a practice, you might say. But adopting foreign practises will eventually lead to the a change in beliefs too. Already we have catholic priests who claim things like a Saint Martin Luther and that all religions lead to truth. How much more defiantion from the truth faith are we willing to compromise so we can adopt to the norms of the world. So we can 'play nice' and undermine our traditional background just to please the world.

There is only ONE truth. And this Truth is God. And the path to this truth is the church that God Himself created. Everything else is man made, every other path.

Do not mistake Ecumenism with "Religious Tolerance" these two are completely different.
Just because I disagree with my muslim friend's belief doesnt mean that I have to kill him or hate him. That is Religious Tolerance. To try to convince my friend to convert, that is ecumenism. If I Kiss the 95 theses of Martin Luther and making a lutheran believe im accepting that the reformation was necessary, thats selling out, thats the Novus Ordo (non traditional) Catholic ecumenism, the scourge of the church in the opinions of the Unamalgamated Inquistor.

True ecumenism is only possible when we can convince other Christians to follow the one true path. Not the other way round. Not adopting protestant practises while holding on to certain choice Catholic traditions. The Inquisitor will accept nothing but the whole package. Or he might as well become a mormon who believes in the true Presence.